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Yacht Services

Seasonal Yacht Services

Boating on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries is limited by our weather and climate. Turner Yacht Services specializes in preparing and mainyaining your boat for the seasons so you can simply enjoy your boat. Let Turner Yacht Services take care of your boat throughout the boating seasons.

Wash & Wax

Turner Yacht ServicesA thorough wax, wash and dry will go a long way toward protecting your investment from salt spray, bug and bird droppings, acid rain and other environmental pollutants. Great care is taken to ensure a high quality service that satisfies your expectations. We offer several service plans to match your needs.

Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning services are available to keep the inside of your boat clean & fresh. We would be happy to quote any special needs you may desire.

Bottom Painting

Turner Yacht ServicesTurner Yacht Services recommends bottom painting each one or two years, depending on your choice of paint. It's a must for top performance to keep your bottom clean during the boating season; and it saves on fuel.

Dive Service

Always have peace of mind knowing the underneath of your boat is free of obstructions, the props are tight, the zincs are in place, and everything is in good working order.

Gelcoat Repair

To a minor chip or scratch to filling and fairing, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Winter Shrinkwrap

Turner Yacht ServicesIf you are serious about your boat's protection and investment, you will wrap it up!. It will protect your boat from harsh winter elements such as wind, rain, ice & snow.

Winter Storage

Turner Yacht Services can arrange for your winter haulout and land storage for vessels up to 70 tons, including heated indoor storage.

Provisioning Services

Our provisioning service provides the ultimate in convenience. Turner Yacht Services provides catering, delivery of groceries, and special event planning.

Yacht Services

Turner Yacht Services specializes in all the necessary services to maintain the condition of your boat throughout the seasons.

  • WASH & WAX
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